Monday, March 5, 2007


Sign up for Cashcrate now!

What is Cashcrate?
Cashcrate is an online program to help people at make money by doing simple offers and answering surveys online. Anyone can participate, read the tutorial below to learn how to start making money with Cashcrate.

Getting Started:
1. (Optional) Create a new email address. You will be signing up for offers in external websites and some sites will probably send you mail, so it is best to separate it from your personal emails if you wish.

2. Click here to join the website. Fill the form with valid information.

3. Log in using your information, go to the members panel and complete any offer. Complete offers that will cost you nothing! I recommend the ebay offer, it is easy and pays $8, however any other offers are great!

4. "How do I complete offers?" Read this simple, easy tutorial.

5. Once you complete an offer it will go to your "pending offers" fund and it will be confirmed as soon as possible and added to your earnings.

6. At the beginning of the next month, you will get your previous' month check with the address you signed up. You can then cash your check.

7. Refer your friends! Use your referral link and get your friends involved with Cashcrate. You will make 20% of what your friends make (nothing will be deducted from them), start referring your friends now!

You will get 20% of your friends' offers, and 10% of their referrals. Everytime you refer someone and they complete one offer, you will get $1 added to your balance. Other monthly contests are available on Cashcrate. Don't wait anymore, sign up for Cashcrate now!

Are you skeptical? Check this and see people's checks.

March Contests

Sign up for Cashcrate now! Click here to learn how.

In March, the person with most referrees will win a 30GB iPod video for FREE. If you are second place you will win $25, and from 3rd to 14th place you can win $10. There is also a bonus for completing the most offers, you can win extra $50. The member who does most daily surveys will win a $25 bonus as well. You also get $1 for every member you refer in the US that does an offer, so sign up for now and complete an offer!


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